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ARM DS5 Compiler Price

"ARM DS-5" I have been mainly using clang/llvm and GNU binutils for my ARM coding, along with arm-none-eabi-gcc for code comparisions against llvm.

But I was wondering how much ARM’s DS-5 (Keil) IDE and compiler cost and found a couple of places in the ‘net that actually publish the prices (like Newark / Element14):

Floating license price: $10,750.00 (USD)
Node locked price: $6,600.00 (USD)

Ouch! I used their eval offer and if I was doing ARM coding full-time, yes, 10 grand for what they offer would be a no-brainer.

"ARM DSTREAM"What I really would like to have is the ARM/Keil DStream (debug & trace unit) at only $3,500 USD (DigiKey)…. damn is it nice, 4GB of trace buffer, 60 Mhz JTAG, etc… But again like so many other embedded vendors they only offer Windows and Linux support. Never understood the standpoint of supporting Linux and not OS-X. Windows only support I actually understand from a marketshare point of view and optimizing drivers and software is a lot of work, but if you are going to support Linux, you might as well add another 5% to your dev budget and support OS-X.

Mfg Part No: DSTRM-KT-0181A : Price: $3500