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Corflags - Release xCorFlags Version 1.0.5643.36015

xCorFlags Version 1.0.5643.36015

Maintenance release of the cross-platform CorFlags Conversion Tool is up on Github.

git log v1.0.5643.30429..v1.0.5643.36015
commit 0125dffeda467b70e869b898d05203aba3669e88
Author: SushiHangover <>
Date:   Sun Jun 14 20:06:00 2015 -0700

Fix absolute paths to the assemblies that are passed in

This is a cross-platform version of the Microsoft CorFlags tool that is included in the .Net Framework SDK installations and is a self-contained x86 CIL Image (via ILRepack) that runs on:

  • Windows (xCorFlags)
  • OS-X (mono ./xCorFlags.exe)
  • Linux (mono ./xCorFlags.exe)

For additional information: