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Homebrew: Git 1.9.0 release

Update: Someone else has done a pull-request for homebrew git that is awaiting cool down on the new 1.9.0 release before it gets mainlined. As the formula is the basically the same as mine you can grab it via the pull-request on github and post 1.9.0 issues/comments in that thread.

Git just released 1.9.0 (Feb-14-2014) but Homebrew does not have this update quite yet so I updated the tar ball references, sha1 tags and commented out the patch that is no longer required (this needs cleaned up as there are older patches commented out also…). As for the complete release notes, click here.

I do not have time right now to do a pull-request, so here is a gist of it so you can update your Git version. Do a “brew edit git” and replace the contents with this and you can update to 1.9.0.