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OS-X + Mono + Rosyln + CodeFormatter

CodeFormatter is a tool that uses Roslyn to automatically rewrite the source to follow Microsoft’s coding styles, which are documented here.

CodeFormatter has been released as open-source for 6 months now, but I have not had a chance to look at it.

With Roslyn compiling on OS-X and I had a couple of projects that really needed to be cleaned up, I thought I would give it a try.

15 minutes in total to clone the repo and get things built properly, would have been quicker but the VS solution file is not very Xamanin Studio/MonoDevelop friendly as it includes ToolVersion 14 items (That would be included in VS 2015 beta).

But those projects are not needed to get the main program working…

mono ./CodeFormatter.exe

Must specify at least one project / solution / rsp to format
CodeFormatter [/file:<filename>] [/lang:<language>] [/c:<config>[,<config>...]>]
    [/copyright:<file> | /nocopyright] [/tables] [/nounicode]
    [/rule(+|-):rule1,rule2,...]  [/verbose]
    <project, solution or response file>

    /file        - Only apply changes to files with specified name
    /lang        - Specifies the language to use when a responsefile is
                   specified. i.e. 'C#', 'Visual Basic', ... (default: 'C#')
    /c           - Additional preprocessor configurations the formatter
                   should run under.
    /copyright   - Specifies file containing copyright header.
                   Use ConvertTests to convert MSTest tests to xUnit.
    /nocopyright - Do not update the copyright message.
    /tables      - Let tables opt out of formatting by defining
    /nounicode   - Do not convert unicode strings to escape sequences
    /rule(+|-)   - Enable (default) or disable the specified rule
    /rules       - List the available rules
    /verbose     - Verbose output

mono ./CodeFormatter.exe /rules

Name                 Description
BraceNewLine         :Ensure all braces occur on a new line
Copyright            :Insert the copyright header into every file
NewLineAbove         :Ensure there is a new line above the first namespace and using in the file
CustomCopyright      :Remove any custom copyright header from the file
UsingLocation        :Place using directives outside namespace declarations
UnicodeLiterals      :Use unicode escape sequence instead of unicode literals
ExplicitVisibility   :Ensure all members have an explicit visibility modifier
IllegalHeaders       :Remove illegal headers from files
FormatDocument       :Run the language specific formatter on every document
ExplicitThis         :Remove explicit this/Me prefixes on expressions except where necessary
ReadonlyFields       :Mark fields which can be readonly as readonly
FieldNames           :Prefix private fields with _ and statics with s_

I’ll be checking next to see if it really works on some source code. ;-)