PowerShell, Learn it or Perish ;-)

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I wanted to test out some C code that I am writting for a ARM Bare Metal (Embedded) project in QEMU (qemu-system-arm) and normally would just use the GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors but I was wondering what the current state of LLVM is for cross-compiling to bare-metal ARM.

Since this is a new area for me and I am having a dang hard time finding what is and isn’t supported in CLang/LLVM for embedded ARM development, I figured I would compile the latest version and see the difference in code that gets produced between the gcc and Clang compilers.

Thus I needed to latest and greatest Clang/LLVM and did not feel like nurse-maiding a huge git download and long compile session, so I spent a minute and hacked up a really simple script so I could catch up on “Game of Thrones” ;-)

FYI: Cross-compilation using Clang