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PlayScript | Away3d Fire Demo with Scout

This is the Away3d Fire example running via Mono and Xamarin Studio using the PlayScript compiler and using Adobe’s Scout to profile it. Fork me on github.

Using PlayScript 3.2.6001, the Actionscript compiler for Mono, to compile and run the Away3d core and Basic_Fire demo within Xamarin Studio 5.9.x. You can see the MonoMac app connecting to Adobe Scout and sending telemetry to profile the frames, traces, ActionScript events, etc... More work needs to be done to make using Scout fully featured in profiling a PlayScript app, but this is a good start. PlayScript @ PlayScript Source Code @ Blogging @ Royalty Free Background Music: - “Fog Rays" by MuLexic -

Away3d example source code that is running in the demo