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PlayScript - Now has a REPL (playshell)

PlayScript now has a REPL for ActionScript scripting. This is very alpha right now and needs a lot of love. It will be used for running the Tamarin Redux acceptance tests so it will be evolving as those regression tests come online.

It is available in the master branch : 17aac5473528370b96e3349751bd2a8a017e6779

Check it out and post any issues that you find.

* Added playshell : This is a PlayScript REPL (aka: like csharp REPL)
  - For use with Tamarin Redux test; they use Asset scripts with a test package
  - Very alpha at this point
  - Need to add PlayScript style 'import'
* Added PsOnlyMode to compiler setting
  - Whether to enable PlayScript compiler only mode. Defaults to false.
* mcs.master.mdw : XS/MD Workspace that will hold Solutions for all mcs
  - Added tools/csharp and tools/playshell
* CSProj files updated via Make2CSProjUpdater to allow use in XS/MD:
  - Mono.PlayScript.csproj (and .sln)
  - Mono.CSharp.csproj (and .sln)
  - tools/charp.csproj (and .sln)
  - tools/playshell.csproj (and .sln)