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Xamarin OS-X Addins Location

In the process of working on an Xamarin Studio Language Addin for PlayScript I needed to to manually find and update some of the installed Addin files. But where are the Addin files?

Within the ~/Library/Application Support directory you will find one based on the version of Xamarin Studio or Monodevelop that you are using:

  • MonoDevelop-4.0
  • MonoDevelop-5.0
  • MonoDevelop-6.0
  • XamarinStudio-4.0
  • XamarinStudio-5.0
  • XamarinStudio-6.0

Within one of those directories you will find:

  • LocalInstall/Addins

So for me, that ended up being:

~/Library/Application Support/XamarinStudio-6.0/LocalInstall/Addins ~/Library/Application Support/MonoDevelop-6.0/LocalInstall/Addins